Ideas to improve Holbeach traffic

Ideas to improve Holbeach town centre including the possibility of making High Street one-way are being discussed amid concerns current plans won’t work.

Holbeach Parish Council says it will also wants to hear ideas from the public on how to ease congestion in the town, particularly at the Market Hill junction.
South Holland District Council is bidding for £4m of the Future High Street Fund looking to create a ‘Chequers Yard’ public space linking Park Road and High Street.
Initial plans also include making Park Road access only.
Parish councillors stated their reservations about that and said they were preparing other options while asking the public for their opinions too.
Coun Eddie McNally: “If they make Park Road access only nobody’s going to take notice.
“I’ve spoken to Coun Nick Worth about it and we’ve come back with alternative ideas, including doing something about High Street, potentially making that one-way and Park Road one-way.
“We also need to go back to the public and get them involved, possibly set up an email and ask them for ideas.
“It could be six years away and I doubt the government has the money any more, but we need to be prepared.”
The meeting heard this could provide an option for more parking in the town centre, but not all councillors supported the idea.
Coun Carol Rudkin though said: “When we’ve put in a one-way system before it didn’t work and there’s even more cars now.”
Other measures discussed included car park spots being created before vehicles got to Market Hill junction, providing more access on Boston Road and potential traffic calming measures for High Street.
Coun Peter Sparkes said: “This is obviously a long term issue. We should look to put together a working group to refine ideas and put together some sort of public consultation.”
When asked after the meeting Coun Nick Worth said: “I spoke to the parish council and they gave a very creditable alternative of making High Street one-way as part of such a system.
“It’s not a bad idea but I have my concerns, particularly as when there’s an accident on the A17 the traffic comes down into the town.
“Traffic might struggle along a one-way system at places like Barrington Gate.
“Hopefully we’ll be successful with the bid for the High Street Fund and whatever proposals are made will go through a full public consultation.”

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