Hundreds join wombles group

Hundreds of people have picked up their black bags and taken to the streets in a bid to win the war on litter.

With more than 1,100 members in less than three weeks, the Wombles of Spalding Common are now an army of litter-pickers to be reckoned with and they are not going to stop.

Hard-working pickers at Hereward Close counted their spoils from the area and had 607 high energy drink cans, 52 vodka bottles, 257 lager cans – all of which were taken away for recycling.

From Weston Hills to the Castle Sports Complex; around Spalding Grammar School to Pinchbeck Road, the Wombles were out, about and busy all weekend.

And the team now has its own logo so everyone can see who’s working to keep the streets of Spalding and surrounding area pristine.

One of the original organisers, Kieran Bowman, congratulated everyone when the Facebook group hit 1,000 on Sunday – since then it has continued to grow.

“We would like to thank South Holland District Council for working so hard with us and getting nearly all of the weekend’s rubbish collected. They are very short-staffed so all this extra work is causing them quite a headache, but at the moment they really are smashing it,” Mr Bowman posted.

And the message of taking litter home went to the classroom when the kindergarten children at Ayscoughfee Hall School litter-picked the grounds and the Wombles of Spalding Common were talked about in assembly.

Among the huge amount of litter collected by the Wombles over the weekend were tents, road signs, a mattress, shopping trolley, make up bag and a plethora of empty alcohol bottles and cans.

For more information about the group, and where it plans to go next, search for Wombles of Spalding Common on Facebook.

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