DRENCHED! A selection of Halmer Harriers on Sunday.

Host of personal best times as Halmer Harriers compete on three fronts

Athletes from Spalding-based Halmer Harriers were out in force over the weekend.

Be it at Swallow (West Lindsey) on Saturday, or York and Peterborough on Sunday, the team set some solid times over various distances.

The appalling weather at Peterborough – constant rain for seven hours – provided an extra challenge for those taking part in the Perkins Great Eastern Run half-marathon and 5k events.

However, many runners ran personal best (PB) or completed their first ever events, including a number of the club’s Couch to 5k graduates.


Gruesome Twosome – Di Morris & Lisa Gill 1.08.16hrs; Steve Tucker & Colin Crump 1.17.40hrs.

York Marathon – Rob Hammond 4.18:27hrs; Lisa Gill 4.35.58 (PB).

Perkins Great Eastern 5k – Peter Booth 28.09mins; Jayne Marshall 37.40mins (first event); Becky Draper-Knill 37.38mins (first event); Christine Bridges 35.05mins; Karen Wallis 33.28mins (first event); Sue Booth 34.55mins (PB).

Perkins Great Eastern Run half-marathon – Heidi Willson 2.17.18hrs (first half marathon); Di Lettice 2.13.00hrs (PB); Anita Burnett 2.06.57hrs (first HM); Alison Louis 2.23.50hrs; Kizzy Rickett 2.33.52hrs (first HM); Fiona Thomas 2.23.31hrs; Katie Baxter 2.35.02hrs; Vikki Cherry 2.35.00hrs; Tim Baxter 2.14.55hrs (PB); Val Braybrooks 2.19.17hrs; Simon Eldridge 1.31.12hrs; Martin Wallis 1.35.38hrs (first HM); Mark Goodale 1.46.39hrs; Andy Hooker 1.53.07hrs; Mark Hope 1.58.11hrs; Di Morris 2.01.08hrs; Teresa Walton 2.06.41hrs; Katy Hopkins 2.12.40hrs (PB); Dawn Allen 2.29.50hrs (first HM); Ade Mills 1.49.33hrs; Alex Gills 2.23.07hrs; Pete Stafford 2.15.38hrs; Beki Richards 1.50.32hrs; Hollie Stafford 2.24.54hrs; Tom Cherry 2.12.06hrs; Annette Gudgeon 2.17.38hrs.

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