SQUAD GOALS! The sizeable group of Halmer Harriers members are pictured at the George Mundy 10k event at Leverington over the weekend.

Host of Halmer Harriers on duty at George Munday 10k meeting

The Halmer Harriers were out in force at the George Mundy 10k event in Leverington over the weekend.

No less than then ten members of the Spalding-based club took on the distance, while eight of their team-mates were on marshaling duty.

Times: Tim Baxter 1.01.12hrs; Colin Crump 44.54mins (PB); Alexandra Gills 59.54mins; Steve Tucker 1.03.47hrs; Martin Wallis 41.30mins (PB); Reuben Cave 40.50mins (PB); Vanessa Smithson 1.06.20hrs; Di Lettice 1.02.39hrs; Sue Booth 1.06.29hrs (PB); Richard Williams 48.43mins.

Gower 10k coastal trail: Fiona Thomas 1.36.45hrs.

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