HGV concerns spark meeting plan

A public meeting is being held for Gedney Dyke residents amid concerns a nearby planning application could lead to more HGVs driving through the village.

JEPCO has submitted an application to South Holland District Council for a glasshouse and associated buildings and infrastructure at Norfolk House Farm on Main Road in Gedney Drove End.

Among the objectors is Coun Jo Reynolds who says in her representation to South Holland District Council: “The designated transport route for construction and future use of the site to the A17 is stated as B1359 Engine Dyke to Chapelgate onto the A17.

“This is not a suitable road for HGV vehicles, as in many places two cars struggle to pass. The other route to the A17 is through the entire length of Gedney Dyke towards Hovenden House, onto Lowgate Fleet. This route has the same issues as the B1359.

“I note the applicant states there will be no increase in vehicle movements, to and from the site in excess of what it is now, I just feel this statement is incorrect because what business expands and does not involve increase in vehicle movements?”

The meeting is due to be held at Gedney Dyke Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday, October 28.

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