Headteacher’s vision for Japanese lessons becomes a reality

Pupils at three South Holland primary schools are finding one afternoon a week easy peasy Japanese with the introduction of new lessons.

Youngsters at Sutton Bridge’s Westmere, Gedney Drove End and Holbeach St Marks Primary Schools have started learning about Japan after headteacher Karyn Giles went on an education week to the country last year.
Since her return she has worked hard to secure a grant from the Japan Foundation to secure the sessions as she believes the culture is one the children would benefit from.
Pupils in the three schools are now enjoying one afternoon a week learning the language, exploring Japan’s history and getting creative with the many celebrations in the Japanese calendar.
And the lessons have been given even more authenticity with the help of Japanese teacher Yuka Parr, who the school was put in touch with after asking for help from Spalding Grammar Managed Services (SGMS), a new business project which aims to provide services to local schools to save them time and money.
SGMS Business Development Manager Sam Grant said: “The children simply adore Mrs Parr.
“I visited Yuka at Gedney Drove four weeks into her new role and there was a real buzz around the classroom.
“Mrs Parr wished the children good afternoon and they all stood up, said hello in Japanese and bowed.
“I stayed for a while and listened to the ‘welcome song’ that the children sang in Japanese and watched as they began their lesson about ‘The Star Festival’.
“The children were all enthralled and I can see why Miss Wiles thinks this is a fantastic way for children to cover so many topics such as geography, history, art, music and of course the discipline of learning a language that is so different to ours.”

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