The South Holland Centre in Spalding.

Group stages dark comedy

Those talented folk at Act II Theatre Company are back next week with a black comedy in two parts.

The local youth group are putting on Alan Ayckbourn’s black comedy The Revenegers’ Comedies on both Tuesday, February 13 and Wednesday, February 14 at the South Holland Centre.
A spokesman for Act II said: “Fate throws together the eccentric Karen Knightly and mild-mannered Henry Bell on Albert Bridge at midnight, where they have both gone to end it all.
“Instead they hatch a devilish plot to exact revenge on each other’s adversaries. Complications arise when Karen gets a job at the firm Henry was fired from and Henry falls for Karen’s ex-lover’s wife.
“This is a plot so intricate and deliciously dark, that it takes two evening’s of entertainment to reach its conclusion!
Please note this show contains some strong language and themes of suicide and murder.”
Tickets are £16 or £14 for concessions. Groups of 10 or over are able to book for £10 per person.
Tickets are valid for both shows (part one and part two).
Purchase your ticket for the performance on February 13 and you’ll automatically be booked in for February 14 in the same seats.

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