Golf round-up: Club Championship glory for Gedney Hill duo

Joe Timms and Dan Arbon had reason to celebrate at Gedney Hill Golf Club last week.

Timms took top spot in the club championship (overall gross), while Arbon topped the club championship (overall nett) standings.

Club Championship Overall Gross – 1st Joe Timms 68 + 79 = 147; 2nd Paul Day 78 + 77 = 155; 3rd James Smith 77 + 79 = 156.

Club Championship Overall Nett – 1st Dan Arbon 66 + 63 = 129; 2nd Tony Hunt 67 + 67 = 134; 3rd Joe Timms 62 + 73 = 135.

Other men’s section results: Greensome Pairs – 1st Jayme Dixon & Trevor Sorrell 54nett; 2nd Bryan Johnson & Clive Newman 58; 3rd Nigel Grummitt & James Smith 61.

Captain’s Day – 1st Dan Arbon 42pts; 2nd Rob Bye 41pts; 3rd Nick Markillie 40pts (ocb).

Rover Cup – 1st James Busveids 47pts; 2nd Lewis Field 42 (acb); 3rd Gavin Heaton 42.

Mixed: Monksview Mixed Drawn Greensomes – 1st Barry Stone & Roz Upton 60nett (ocb); 2nd Leroy Lucas & Jackie Warlow 60; 3rd Pete Merleski & Chris Bennett 61.

Ladies’ section: August Medal – 1st Ann Chick 77nett; 2nd Kim Markillie 78; 3rd Janet Davis 79.

Lady Captain’s Day – 1st Jayne Cowles 36pts; 2nd Andrea Stockton 34pts (ocb) 3rd Amanda Cook 34.

Rover Cup – 1st Chris Bennett 31pts; 2nd Lynn Exley 30pts (ocb); 3rd Roz Upton 30pts.

Seniors’ section: Senior Captain’s Day – 1st Tom Penning 46pts; 2nd Roy Bennett 45pts; 3rd Pete Vinter 44pts.

Seniors’ Club Championship – 1st Steve Forster 59nett; 2nd Derek Chamberlain 61; 3rd Roy Bennett 67.

Seniors August Medal: Division One – 1st Nigel Baines 67nett; 2nd Greg Walsh 72; 3rd David Lord 74 (ocb). Division Two – 1st Derrick Smith 68; 2nd Roy Bennett 69; 3rd Trevor Parling 71. Division Three – 1st Len Kempster 72; 2nd Terry Grantham 74; 3rd Barry Stone 77.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Men’s section: Men’s August Stableford Pairs – 1st Bradley Martin & Bradley Power 49pts; 2nd David Salmon & Ashley Ziebart 46pts; 3rd Michael Barton & Simon Dimblebee 45pts.

Seniors’ section: Seniors individual Stableford: D1 – 1st Paul Chaplain-Barton 42pts; 2nd Michael Flint 41pts; 3rd Ken Parker 39pts (ocb). D2 – 1st Lee Smith 44 pts; 2nd ocb Stephen Fox 39pts; 3rd Stephen Horton 39pts. D3 – 1st Peter Williams 44pts; 2nd Chris Woods 39pts (ocb); 3rd Bob Mann 39pts. D4 – 1st Barrie Mutimer 39pts; 2nd Tony Adkins 38pts; 3rd Salvatore Di Bella 37pts.

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