Kerry Horn (11) with Boris and Dom.

Gnomes’ Fleet-ing visits to village homes

Two gnomes that have been christened Dom and Boris have been turning up unannounced at the doors of homes in Fleet.

For the past two weeks different families have awoken to find the two 2ft 6in figurines outside their homes.

Pictures of where the pair have turned up that morning have appeared on the Friends of Fleet Facebook page.

And this week they’ve been christened with labels on them saying they’re Boris and Dominic named after Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his adviser Dominic Cummings who has been in the national headlines for driving to Durham and Barnard Castle during the lockdown.

On Wednesday (May 27) the pair turned up at the house of Rachel Horn where 11-year-old daughter Kerry was left delighted.

“Kerry was delighted when she found the gnomes on our doorstep,” said Rachel. “It’s just a lovely thing that’s brought lots of smiles to the children during lockdown.

“They seem to move together at night and reappear outside another home the next morning.

“The children have been walking around the village each day to see where they are.”

One man whose noticed their movements around the village is its postman for the last 16 years Alan Judd.

“You see they’ve moved every night to a different premises.

“It’s usually a family with children, although I’ve seen them outside some homes without children, including one where they had strapped to them a bottle of port and a Stella Artois.

“It’s been a lovely thing for the children to see during this difficult time of the lockdown. They’re really enjoying seeing the gnomes go round the village.

“It’s great someone’s nicknamed them.

“I hope they won’t be leaving the village soon as there’s a few more houses for them to visit yet.”

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