Generous Ena (6) donates first ever hair cut to charity

A kind-hearted schoolgirl had her long locks cut to help another child enjoy princess hair.

Ena Betts (6) had never had her hair cut before but she decided that she would share it with others.

She donated it to the Little Princess Trust and raised £1,200 as well.

“She loves her hair cut and I think she will get a strain in her neck with all the flouncing,” laughed her mum Lana.

Ena, who attends Holbeach Primary Academy, often told her mum she had ‘hair like a princess’.

“She said that she wants every child to have the chance to have princess hair too. She’s so kind,” said Lana.

Not content with one big haircut, Ena has already said she is growing her hair long so she can make another donation.

“Ena said she wanted to do it for two different people,” said Lana.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity which creates wigs for children and young people who lose their hair when being treated for cancer.

It also raises money to help fund organisations researching paediatric cancer. The charity is accepting hair donations again having stopped during the pandemic.

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