Young artists at the University Academy Holbeach exhibition.

GALLERY: Talented young artists impress at show

Talented young artists from University Academy Holbeach showed off their creations in a final show of their work on Monday.

The B-Tec and A Level students marked their final time at the academy with the impressive show.

The works they displayed included creations they’d made as part of their exams.

One exam involved creating something on the subject of ‘Duality’ in 25 hours.

In that exam Amber Mills-Rist, who is heading to study at Norwich University of the Arts created a work inspired by open heart surgery.

“Duality made me think about the natural body,” she said. “Even the most natural body needs medical help to survive.”

The subject inspired Autumn Bowler to create a seven-foot-high painting on glass artwork that has two different faces on either side, something she achieved despite smashing her first attempt by accident.

“I’m very proud of it,” she said. “It shows the contrasting emotions.

Head of Art, Mr Alistair Ruskin, said of the group: “Their artwork has been phenomenal and the show summed them up.

“They put the show together themselves off their own back.

“They’ve been a lovely group and I’m sorry to see them go but they’re going on to other things and I wish them well.”

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