The former Post-16 Centre at Matmore Gate, Spalding.

Funding bid for new Spalding academy

A report outlining the result of consultations on proposals for a new Spalding school for students expelled from elsewhere have been published.

The Wellspring Academy Trust is looking to open a facility at the former post-16 centre in Matmore Gate.

The Springwell Academy Trust is refurbishing the former centre ready for a planned opening in September.

It is a legal requirement that consultation takes place before a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education.

But initial plans to hold a drop-in session in Sleaford, where no academy is planned, and Mablethorpe where one is likely to open, met criticism from Spalding and Grantham residents where two of four academies are located. Another is set to open in Lincoln.

“We understand there was some frustration with how the Trust decided to engage with local communities,” said the report.

“It was not the Trust’s intention to make it difficult for stakeholders to have an opportunity to feedback on these proposals,” the report added.

Extra events were put on after concerns had been raised.

But the majority of comments recorded at the events were not positive and the majority of those surveyed said they did not think the locations were appropriate.

“The immediate area is already overcrowded with educational facilities that are already causing chaos on the roads. At certain times of day it is almost impossible to drive along Matmore Gate,” said one comment.

Many echoed the fears over traffic and congestion.

“Springwell Lincolnshire academy will work closely with the local authority to design travel plans and implement any measures to help control the flow of traffic in the area, keeping impact on the roads and noise level to a minimum,” said the report.

“It is our intention to develop state-of-the-art alternative provision across Lincolnshire so that our pupils are given the best possible chance in life.”

The report will be used in a funding application for the new facility.

Each class will have one adult to every three or four pupils.

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