Dan Oldfield

‘Frustration’ at Long Sutton CC

Long Sutton Cricket Club has had to deal with vandalism as well as the loss of at least the start of their 2020 cricket season.

The South Lincs Cricket League Premier Division would normally have been a few weeks into their season by now.

But instead they have no income coming in with all cricket in the UK currently being suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis, the England and Wales Cricket Board have announced.

Long Sutton 1st XI captain Dan Oldfield said: “It’s worrying in that we’re not bringing in any income and as a club we have to pay rent on the clubhouse and facilities which we share with the hockey club. It’s a hard one and we’re trying to keep funds coming in.

“We’ve applied for several grants to cover the costs.”

Long Sutton’s cause was not helped by their covers being vandalised a few weeks ago.

Thankfully though local company Nene Transport stepped up and paid for a replacement.

“A huge thank you to them,” Oldfield continued. “It’s about the third or fourth time it’s been vandalised and we’d paid to replace it before, but obviously we can’t do that at the moment.

“We’ve got the ground and the changing rooms looking nice and they’re ready to go whenever we’re told we can play again.

“We should have started playing a few weeks ago so everyone’s frustrated, it’s just what’s happened.

“We’ve quite a few big events in August that bring in a bit of money, so hopefully we’ll be able to go ahead with those when the time comes.”

Sutton are also hopeful that Australian Beau Newman will be able to fly over for some cricket later in the season.

The overseas player proved a hit last year and was all ready to join the club again before the coronavirus hit.

He has said he’ll fly out when and if the cricket season gets underway and he’s allowed to do so.

“His signing for the season hadn’t been finalised when all of this began, so we haven’t paid anything out yet,” Oldfield continued. “But he’s still hopeful of flying over and playing for us at some point this season.”

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