Former headteacher in court over child sex offences

The former headteacher of St Bartholomew’s Primary School in West Pinchbeck has been told not to visit the school after appearing in court over three child sex offences.

James Shawley (44) appeared at Lincoln Magistrates Court on July 30 and has yet to enter a plea to three charges that relate to interactions with a person he did not believe to be over 16 between December 9 and 22 last year.

The charges are for messages of a sexual nature sent to a 14-year-old, attempting to incite a 14-year-old into a sexual act and arranging to meet a 14-year-old boy at a cinema in Huntindgon intending an offence.

The trial has been sent to Lincoln Crown Court.

As part of the bail conditions magistrates ordered Shawley not to have unsupervised contact with any person under the age of 18 and not to attend St Bartholomew’s Primary School in West Pinchbeck.

He was ordered to remain at his stated address in Sheffield having previously given his address as Hereward Road in Bourne.

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