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Fears over future of popular shop

There are fears that a popular Spalding horticultural store has closed its doors for good.

Butters Factory Shop, on Kellett Gate, is not answering the phone and has stopped updating social media accounts.
The company is part of the Flamingo Group International, based in Hertfordshire, which took over Butters in September 2017 and also has another site in Spalding.
But shoppers have been disappointed to discover the shop is closed and there has been not company update to explain the situation.
The Facebook page belonging to Butters Factory Shop has no been updated since mid-April, despite a barrage of comments by customers.
Up to four weeks ago, there were responses to questions about stock availability, but that has come to an abrupt end.
“A good friend went Thursday, hardly any plants, asked when they were getting more in and [sic] told him they are closing,” said one customer.
“Butters are not updating because they are closing down. Thanks to the owners for disregarding loyal customers, some of which had a 60 mile round trip,” says another.
“I was told this week too,” said a customer, who added they hoped it wasn’t the case.
But the phones are not being answered and even at the Flamingo Group International HQ in Hertfordshire, only one number was answered – by an automated service.
The parent company is based in Stevenage and appointed a new financial director, Steven Nuttall, in February of this year.
According to Companies House, Flamingo Horticulture Ltd, also registered at the Stevenage address, made a Registration of a Charge earlier this month. The process is similar to a mortgage, with the charge being the security against a loan.
The company was approached for comment, but had not responded at the time of going to press.

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