South Holland District Council offices.

Expansion plan for green waste

Software costing £40,000 to buy and £1,000 a month to run is likely to be bought to direct garden waste collectors in South Holland.

Expanding the popular garden waste collection scheme is on the cards and the software will allow the council to ‘maximise routes and ensure efficiency.’

Members of the district council’s cabinet will be discussing the topic at a meeting on Tuesday. They are recommended to approve the expansion along with buying the software package.

“Effective routes will mean that service can be maintained throughout the year without disruption due to uneven routes and weights,” says the report.

If the expanded service is agreed, there will also be a new full-time supervisor, and additional crew.

A fixed-term role will also be created to deliver the new bins and roll out the project.

The purple sack scheme, currently used where the brown waste bin scheme isn’t available, will be phased out.

“This collection impacts negatively on our recycling rates and does not meet the requirements of new legislation,” says the report to go before members.

There will be capacity for a further 5,000 subscribers once the scheme is expanded to more areas in the district. Currently there are 10,000 people using the service which costs £52 for one bin.

Garden waste collected in South Holland goes to be composted.

“During the pandemic there have been reports of many people utilising their free time to spend in their gardens.

Therefore, providing the scheme to more people can help to support those who have used this leisure activity to support their wellbeing,” the report says.

The aim is for a third truck to be operational by May so the expanded service is available during the peak gardening season.

Cabinet members will also be told that the start time for collections may have to change and people will need to have their bins out by 6am, not the current 7am.

An additional £86,688 will also be needed to buy the new bins.

Rolling out the new bins will be done according to the register.

“Communication with interested residents will be key, to ensure we appropriately explain our project plan and timeframes,” says the report.

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