Pictures of work on the new Spalding road. Courtesy of Lincolnshire County Council.

Engineers pile-in to create bridge

A massive engineering project is going on as part of a new road for Spalding – with 1,000 piles going into the ground for one bridge.

This element of the Western Relief Road costs £1.4m of the scheme’s expected total £33m cost.

“This is one of the largest numbers of piles used in a road project in this area. Although the piles soon to be installed for the bridge are relatively normal for a structure of this size, the piles being installed are only used where ground conditions are particularly poor for building roads,” said Adam Round, principal engineer for the northern section of the Spalding Western Relief Road.

“In terms of piling for the other sections of the road, the proposed bridge for the southern part is expected to be of a very similar design, so we expect similar amounts of piling there,” he added.

The county council has been awarded £8.13m from Homes England for the bridge and embankment construction. This is due to the poor ground conditions discovered in Spalding while completing the design for the scheme.

Mr Round added that the need for piling the embankment is solely due to the ground conditions and are independent of the amount of HGV traffic predicted.

Work is well underway on the first section which will be accessed from a new roundabout off Pinchbeck Road.

The central section of the road has yet to be awarded funding but the north and south sections are going ahead.

Road closures for Enterprise Way and Spalding Road, Pinchbeck, have changed due to delays over utilities.

Work began when Enterprise Way closed from Friday, July 29 at its junction with Spalding Road to mid-October. Traffic is being controlled by temporary lights and diversions are indicated via Benner Road, West Elloe Avenue.

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