Dun Cow campaigners: ‘Appeal decision is dreadful outcome for Cowbit’

The Campaign to Save the Dun Cow says the appeal decision which enable Market Homes to build on the site is “a dreadful outcome for Cowbit”.

A statement read: “The Campaign and Cowbit residents have worked tirelessly to have a community pub/hub re-instated on the site.
“The Campaign believe that both SHDC and the Planning Inspector have failed to appreciate the vital role that the new Dun Cow Community Hub would play in the village.
“From the Campaign’s viewpoint, the council paved the way for the appeal decision when they allowed the pub to be demolished in March.
“This is a dreadful outcome for Cowbit. As one of the posts on the village Facebook page declares the villagers ‘have lost faith in humanity’.”

Parish council chairman Trevor Tyrrell said: “If the 700 people who signed the petition had used the pub, it wouldn’t have gone in the first place.
“We’ll now look at other facilities for the community.”

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