Donington firm wants to heat its premises with timber wastage

The proposed new frontage of George Barnsdale in High Street, Donington.

The proposed new frontage of George Barnsdale in High Street, Donington.

A firm which has been manufacturing timber windows and doors in Donington since 1884 is planning to dramatically reduce its heating bills by utilising factory by-products.

And George Barnsdale is also looking to grow this year by recruiting engineer graduates, and is hoping to find some local talent.

The High Street firm says it is dedicated to the environment and wants to install a biomass boiler which would burn offcuts and shavings to heat much of the premises.
A feed hopper to supply the boiler would be positioned outside the existing building where the boiler would be housed. It is proposed to screen the view of the tall hopper from passers-by with a new timber frontage to the site.

Robert Doughty Consultancy, which has worked on the plans, said: “Although the fuel hopper is six metres high it will not be visible from the High Street, as it is close to the rear of the two storey office at No.24 and together with the position and height of the proposed timber screen across the access, this will restrict any views of it from outside the site.”

The firm says its environmental credentials are an important of its ethos. It only uses Forest Stewardship Council certified timber and tries to ensure manufacturing processes have the lowest carbon footprint.
And its carbon footprint has been reduced recently by generating electricity with solar panels, insulating buildings and electronically controlling motors to reduce power consumption.

A spokesman told The Voice: “We optimise our timber usage to keep waste to a minimum but still produce sawdust, shavings and offcuts.
“Installing a biomass boiler would allow us to heat our factory and offices and also the robotic painting facility we have that requires heat throughout the year using this waste.”

And referring to job availability, he said: “We are always looking for engineering graduates to work in our forward-thinking business.
“We are currently moving to digital prototyping where we design and test everything in 3D CAD before making physical prototypes.”

A decision by South Holland District Council on the plans is due by October 8.

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