Donate laptops to help with learning

Local businesses Ark ICT and Simply Magazines have teamed up to help families source equipment required to aid home learning.

It’s estimated around nine per cent of children in the UK do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at home and with many children expected to learn from home during the current lockdown it’s vital they have the required tools.

Phil Callow, of Ark ICT, and Hayley Hammond, of Simply Magazines, understand how difficult it is to be at home, working, caring and home schooling, as they both have school-aged children.

Hayley approached Phil with the idea to ask businesses and residents to donate redundant equipment and distribute it to families for home schooling.

Hayley said: “After just a couple of days I could see on social media how difficult it was for some families to even access the teaching being offered online.

“There are some great examples of community spirit of neighbours printing work etc but it really will be a huge disadvantage to children if they aren’t all on a level playing field in terms of accessing the online teaching.

“This is where the idea for ‘Clear Out to Help Out’ was born.”

Ark ICT will remove all data from the previous owner and restore factory settings, before uploading programmes for home learning.

Any equipment not suitable will pass through their recycling program, again wiping all historic data.

If you have items to donate take them to Ark ICT, Unit 6 Venture Court, Pinchbeck, Spalding, PE11 3BG or call 01775 828540 with any queries or to arrange collection.

If you are a larger business with several items to donate call 01775 828540 to arrange delivery or collection.

The other difficulty families are experiencing is accessing the internet. Many homes do not have broadband and rely on 4G through their mobile phone, in just a couple of days two live lessons on Microsoft teams could use around 30GB of data!

With this in mind there’s also the opportunity to ‘sponsor a family’ and provide them with internet access for a period whilst children are being taught at home.

Phil has agreed a deal with GiffGaff to provide the service for short periods with no tie in. If you would like to sponsor a family contact info@

Once the laptops and printers are ready a ‘stock list’ will be available for schools across the area to access.

If you feel you need help please contact your child’s school.

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