District council cabinet member: ‘Ban drivers who litter with cigarette butts’

Spalding Castle ward district councillor Gary Taylor.

Spalding Castle ward district councillor Gary Taylor.

A top councillor says motorists who throw cigarette ends out of their vehicle should be banned from driving.

South Holland District Council cabinet member Gary Taylor believes some people do not actually know it’s an offence to litter from a vehicle window, including discarding cigarette ends.

He said: “They see it as a natural act to dispose of it, after they have finished with it.
“I feel so strongly about this issue, that in my opinion, they should be banned from driving for a year if they are found guilty.
“It might start to get the message across.”

Coun Taylor’s call about litterers came the day after attending a South Holland in Bloom meeting.
He paid tribute to volunteers after hearing that collectively they spend over 1,000 hours making towns and villages look attractive.

He said: “They have to battle damage caused by both bad weather and vandalism, but they keep going in order to put on a colourful display for us all to enjoy.
“I marvel at this community spirit, which is in contrast to the mindless yobs, who drop the litter, including cigarette ends from car windows, spit on our streets and generally do not have a care for our environment.”

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