The site as seen on Google Street View.

Developers told to pay for relief road as 70 home plan is passed

Developers looking to build in the west of Spalding must provide money for the town’s proposed relief road, the district’s planning chair said as permission was granted for 70 homes on the former Ivanda Nurseries

Seagate Homes has been told it can build the homes on the derelict land off Monks House Lane.

The application includes a condition that Section 106 payments include just over £8,000 per dwelling on the Spalding Western Relief Road, three fifths of which is yet to be funded.

 “I’m supportive,” said South Holland District Council Planning Committee chair James Avery. “It was crying out to be developed.

“I’m not a fan of cul-de-sac but we’re building one on the edge of Spalding. Any developer who wants to build within the nearby area should be making a contribution. I strongly encourage others to sign up to the same contribution.

“Do we need housing? I don’t know. Do we need a joined up Western Relief Road? Yes we do otherwise we’ve lost the plot.”

After discussions with Planning Services, the initial proposal for 76 homes was revised to 70, accompanied by updates to the overall layout and house types.

The revised application includes six one-bedroom houses, 28 two-bedroom homes, 30 three-bedroom dwellings, and six four-bedroom houses, spanning over 2.3 hectares. The designs of homes have also been changed and more tree planting included.

Not all of the councillors were convinced about the development.

Ward councillor Ingrid Sheard said: “A lot of people are very concerned about the pressures on the infrastructure in particular traffic at peak times.”

But it was passed on condition of the Section 106 payments including the £561,960 for the relief road, £420,333 for education, £46,200 for the NHS and £4,200 for play areas.

Lee Russell of Seagate Homes called the site ‘a great development location’.

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