Davies delivers top spot

Chris Davies edged to victory in Gedney Hill Golf Club’s Chairman’s Cup competition.

His score of 39 Stableford points was the same managed by second-placed Paul Purcell, but Davies took the glory on countback.

Adam Britton (38 points) was third in the men’s section event.

* Results: Men’s section: Chairman’s Cup – 1st Chris Davies 39pts (ocb); 2nd Paul Purcell 39; 3rd Adam Britton 38 (ocb). Mushroom Cup – 1st Richard Parker 41pts; 2nd Tom Smith 38 (ocb); 3rd James Smith 38. Premier Supplies Trophy – 1st Jim Starbuck 39pts; 2nd Tom Smith 33; 3rd Nigel Bright 32. April Medal – 1st Adrian McGoldrick 63nett; 2nd Clive Newman 67 (ocb); 3rd Paul Purcell 67. Howards Pairs – 1st Jayme Dixon/Trevor Sorrell 44pts (ocb); 2nd Steve Sayer/Chris Ripley 44; 3rd Nick Markillie/Chris Davies 44. Dave Creek Trophy – 1st Nick Markillie 66nett; 2nd Cameron Thomson 67; 3rd Adrian McGoldrick 68. Monksview Demolition Pairs – 1st Pete Vinter/Mick Page 46pts; 2nd Eddie Grange/Roy Bennett 45; 3rd Nick Markillie/Adam Britton 43 (ocb). Staysure Qualifier – 1st Adrian McGoldrick 65nett; 82nd Adam Britton 68 (ocb); 3rd Steve Harris 68.

*Seniors’ section: April Medal: Division One – 1st David Lord 73nett; 2nd Barry Stanford 74; 3rd Barry Hircock 75. Division Two – 1st Pete Orbine 74nett (ocb); 2nd Greg Walsh 74; 3rd John George 77. Division Three – 1st Raff Ragosa 77nett; 2nd Tom Melvin 78 (ocb); 3rd John Venters 78. John Parson’s Shield – 1st Rob Warlow 39pts; 2nd Raff Ragosa 38; 3rd Derrick Smith 37.

* Ladies’ section: April Medal – 1st Kim Markillie 72nett; 2nd Chris Bennett 77; 3rd Lynn Exley 79. Fenland Lady – 1st Ann Chick 35pts; 2nd Chris Bennett 33; 3rd Jacqui Rust 33. Gedney Goose – 1st Chris Bennett 38pts; 2nd Roz Upton 37; 3rd Kim Markillie 33. Ladies’ Trials – 1st Christine Lord 39pts; 2nd Lynn Exley 36; 3rd Jayne Cowles 32. Ruby Pell – 1st Kim Markillie 32pts (ocb); 2nd Jayne Cowles 32; 3rd Maggie Bingham 32.

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