Construction firm pays out for Spalding and Crowland causes from community fund

Construction and waste management firm Mick George has awarded money from its community fund to two South Holland causes.

In Crowland, Mick George granted £15,000 to Crowland Methodist Church.

After a five-year consultation period to decide whether the church should relocate, committee members decided it would remain where it is and undergo the necessary maintenance work.

A spokesman for Mick George said the money donated was used to replace the 23-year-old soiled carpets throughout the building. It was also put toward refurbishing several windows that had deteriorated with weather damage.

The spokesman added: “The revitalised environment is now a much more pleasurable place, especially for social groups such as Mums and Tots which spend the majority of their visits on the floor.”

Mick Goodman, Member of Crowland Methodist Church said: “We are very grateful to Mick George Ltd for their generosity, which has enabled us to bring our church into a place that is in good order and a place of welcome. The gift has enabled us to make our church a place that the community are, and do use regularly.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: “We recognise funds aren’t readily available for projects such as this, especially when the facility is often volunteer, or charity led. That is the exact purpose that we created the Community Fund initiative, and why we spread it as far and wide as we possibly can, taking in a whole array of projects from different backgrounds.’’

In Spalding, Mick George has donated £11,199 to Tonic Health. A spokesman said work to be carried out will include “installation of a suspended ceiling in the hall, and convert all the lighting to LED and install ceiling mounted infra-red heaters throughout the building, increasing energy efficiency to reduce running costs.”

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