Consti E move top with Donington win

Consti E are at the top of Division One in the Spalding and District Snooker League thanks to a 5-1 win at Donington C.

Lee Hempsall (O14) got Donington off to a good start with a win over James Kingston (O28) but it went downhill for them after that.
Sean Jeynes (O14), James Kingston (O28), Jack Chilvers (O7) and Martin Ulyatt (O7) took the next four frames for Consti.
Bourne SC A are sitting in second place after a 4-2 win over Boundary A.
Ian Gibson (R7) won the first frame over Pete King (scr), before Boundary hit back, thanks to Andy Mowforth (O7).
Elliott Cox (R7) took the third frame from Chloe Payne (O14) to give Boundary a 2-1 lead but Pete Hodgson-Kerry (O35) and Oliver Player (O35) won the final two frames to take the match.
Services A have jumped up to third by beating Bourne SC B 5-1.
Vince Fitter (O35), Martin Spencer (O21), Phil Spencer (O7) and Kev Emerson (R7) got the wins for Services.
Sutton Bridge are propping up the table having yet to win a game. They lost 4-2 to Consti G, after being beaten 5-1 by Holbeach E in a rearranged game earlier in the week.
In Division Two, Donington A are leading after a 5-1 victory at Consti F. Winners for Donington were Nigel Brasier (O21), John George (scr), Kevin Hawes (O7) and Tony Scully (O35). Warren Peel (scr) got the lone point for Consti.
Gosberton A beat Services D 5-1, thanks to wins from Andy Adair (scr), Carl Wand (O7), Adam Twigg (O14) and George Wand (R7).
Gosberton D got their first win of the season, beating Donington D 4-2. Keith Lungley (scr), Paul Gensiorskyj (O14) and Deac Hempsall (scr) took the final three frames to secure the win.
Pyramid A got a good 5-1 win at Holbeach B.
Victor Rouse (R7), Michael Twell (R14), Norman Vaughan (O21) and John Twell (scr) were the winners.
Barry Haynes (O7) took the final frame and a single point for Holbeach.
There were 4-2 wins for Holbeach A, Consti B and Whittlesey C, who beat Pyramid B, Pyramid D and Services B respectively.
Down in Division Three, Gosberton C got a brilliant 6-0 win over Consti J.
Winners were Chris Sibley (R7), Rob Lockett (R28), Malc Dennis (R7), Stuart Henderson (scr) and Mark Payne (O7).
The win moves Gosberton into third place.
Holbeach F are holding on to the top spot after a 4-2 at Consti A.
Peter Ransome (O28), David Lefley (R28) and Dan Mayfield (O28) were the winners.
Consti C have moved into second place, thanks to a 4-2 win at Whittlesey B.
Whittlesey started well with wins from Andy Skutela (R14) and Michael Foster (O14) before Consti took the final three frames, courtesy of Dave Banister (scr), Mark Craig (R14) and Kevin Sweeney (R7).

Results: Division One – Donington C 1 Consti E 5, Consti G 4 Sutton Bridge 2, Boundary A 2 Bourne SC A 4, Services C 2 Consti H 4, Bourne SC B 1 Services A 5, Holbeach C P Holbeach D P, Holbeach E P Pyramid C P, Sutton Bridge 1 Holbeach E 5 (rearranged game)
Division Two – Pyramid D 2 Consti B 4, Holbeach B 1 Pyramid A 5, Pyramid B 2 Holbeach A 4, Consti F 1 Donington A 5, Services D 1 Gosberton A 5, Whittlesey C 4 Services B 2, Gosberton D 4 Donington B 2, Pyramid A 4 Donington B 2 (rearranged game).
Division Three – Consti D 2 Whittlesey A 4, Pyramid E 4 Consti I 2, Consti A 2 Holbeach F 4, Whittlesey B 2 Consti C 4, Consti J O Gosberton C 6, Donington D 2 Boundary B 4, Gosberton B free week.

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