Close call as lorry hits home

Lorry crashed in to house, Church Street, Pinchbeck. NAMES: Alan HollandA young dad and his 18-month-old daughter had to run to safety after a lorry crashed into the front of their home.

The father, who did not wish to be identified, was just walking into the kitchen with the toddler when there was a “sound like an explosion”.

His step-father-in-law Alan Holland said: “I think he practically leapt with her over a fence at the back of the house because he didn’t know what was coming through the wall.

“If they had been in the room at the front, who knows what could have happened.”

The accident happened around lunchtime on Tuesday in Church Street, Pinchbeck.

It is believed the lorry had been travelling towards Surfleet from Spalding direction when it swerved across the road, crashing through a garden wall, cracking bricks at the front of the house, shunting a van parked in the driveway through a neighbour’s fence and coming to rest leaning against the house.

The van, with the little girl’s car seat in the front passenger seat, is now a mess of twisted metal.

Alan said: “If she had been in that car she almost certainly would have died.

“I think my stepson-in-law was quite upset to start with, but now he’s beginning to get angry thinking about what could have happened.”

The road was closed between the Knight Street and Rose Lane junction for more than three and a half hours while investigations were carried out and the lorry removed from where it came to rest.

The Renault HGV, which didn’t have a trailer attached, was at an awkward angle, leaning against the house, and had to be maneouvred out.

The 42-year-old lorry driver was taken to hospital after the crash.

Alan, a builder, added: “Hopefully the insurance will cover it, but there’s a lot of cleaning up to do.

“We have been told the house is structurally OK, but It has made a real mess.”

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