South Holland District Council offices.

Claim pay rises ‘not transparent’

Councillors have criticised the transparency of top council officer pay rises that have been voted through after already having taken place.

As previously reported, in October East Lindsey District Council voted to increase the pay of the chief executive who oversees the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, which South Holland is part of with Boston Borough Council.
The Voice asked SHDC and the partnership what the increase was, but didn’t receive an answer at the time.
It’s now been revealed that the wage has risen to between £150,000 and £173,000, up from the previous £135,000 to £140,000.
The raise, stated as 3.5 per cent, was also backdated to the start of the financial year in April 2023.
South Holland pays 31 per cent of the wage, and all shared officers, between £46,500 and £53,600. East Lindsey pays 51 per cent and Boston 23 per cent.
South Holland councillors did not get a say in the rise, which was voted through by East Lindsey as the employing authority of the partnership.
The figures are part of the pay scale that SHDC only voted through this week.
The report states that shared officers’ pay is now based on performance as well, though the report does not go into details of what that entails.
It states a 3.5 per cent increase backdated to April was also put in place for assistant directors and deputy chief executives.
The bill ranges from £81,907 to £105,219 for the former, and between £106,007 and £131,500 for the latter.
The council has removed an essential car use allowance for officers who change roles, while the private medical insurance to the value of between £243 to £1,342 per annum remains.
“The cost is dependent on the individual’s personal circumstances,” the report states.
It continues that the average salary of the council is £30,296pa.
The lowest pay grade is £22,366pa though that does not include any apprentices who are on a standard apprentice wage.
Some Independent councillors expressed confusion at why the measures came before them at a special meeting last week.
Coun Paul Barnes said he had asked for more details on March 8, and hadn’t received any while Coun Ingrid Sheard said: “The document states the pay decisions should be fair, equitable and transparent, in 23/24, to me it doesn’t feel as if it’s been very transparent.”
Coun Jim Astill told the meeting previous pay documents have been ‘retrospective’.
“We’ve decided to make them more forward facing.”

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