Charlie and Olaf’s ten mile trek

A seven-year-old has raised over £500 towards new library books for his school by riding his pony Olaf more than ten miles.

John Harrox Primary School pupil Charlie Edgeley and his horse trotted along the Moulton Marsh Sea Barrier for 10.7 miles last week.

After the event was delayed from January due to COVID restrictions he completed the trip which began from Moulton Marsh in 1hr 52mins.

Mum Lisa is the chair of the Friends of John Harrox Primary School group who will be receiving the donation.

“We’re proud of Charlie for pushing on when his legs were aching,” she said. “It’s quite a fast time for a very small pony.

“He could have gone quicker but Olaf was getting tired after about six miles. They both slept very well afterwards and Olaf had extra carrots for his tea.”

Anyone who would still like to sponsor Charlie can still do so via the PayPal address

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