South Holland Centre.

Centre closed to end of March

The South Holland Centre will remain closed until the end of March – a full year since it last opened its doors to members of the public.

Support funding to the tune of £170,860 has been offered through the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the money will be used to create a ‘sustainable and resilient long-term future for the venue to be decided upon and prepared.’
No details have been revealed by South Holland District Council which discussed the building in private during a meeting last week.
It was suggested that repairs to the roof were needed along with repairs to electrical systems.
Before the item was taken into private session, Coun Angela Newton said: “Some of the work could have been picked up; it’s reactive maintenance once again and it’s a poor show.”
A statement from the council said that throughout the closure staff had worked to make sure necessary upkeep had been carried out and there would be a period of scheduled maintenance with works both inside and outside the town centre building.
Members decided that with the continued restrictions on admitting live audiences, the building should remain closed until the end of March.
“While I appreciate that there is a natural desire for events and screenings to return to the South Holland Centre as soon as possible, it is important that we make the decision that is the safest and most sensible for residents, visitors, performers and our staff,” said Coun Gary Taylor, portfolio holder for communities and facilities.
“This provides us with an important opportunity to make sure we have the most appropriate possible plan for the centre going forwards and to secure its place in the future of the town’s and district’s community.”

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