Call to fine vandals £5,000

There have been calls for the maximum £5,000 fine to be given out following a recent increase in graffiti around Spalding.

Councillors have said that ‘tagging’ has been blighting the area including wrecking the council-sanctioned displays such as on the town’s skate park and the former Weston’s Farm Supplies building.
Coun Gary Taylor told last week’s meeting of the Spalding Town Forum that community wardens were looking to build up evidence on perpetrators.
“Some very impressive artwork has been destroyed by this,” he said. “It’s not art, we know what public art is and we support that, it’s vandalism to council property and we need to get some prosecutions.
“I’ve been working with community wardens and they’re on the case, drawing up a list of the affected areas and gaining evidence.
“It’s not the image of Spalding we want and we can’t accept it.
“It’s something for all of us can look to deal with, private businesses can report it and remove it as soon as possible.
“The council also needs to gather evidence and we need to move away from turning a blind eye to dealing with it as a priority.
“Somebody is responsible.
“A £5,000 fine is the maximum, I believe, the message is we need to work together, find who is responsible and move on.”
Coun Rob Gibson added: “I’ve been looking at it recently and been driving around taking pictures who has been going over the top of all the good art.
“The skate park has a giraffe tag and Weston Farm Supplies the same.
“It’s disgraceful.
“We can try and locate who is doing it an push for the maximum fine to be brought on them.”

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