Brilliant whitewash wins for Consti and Holbeach teams

It was all about Division Three this week in the Spalding and District Snooker League with two teams winning 6-0.

The first hammering came from Consti I, who were away to Gosberton B, while Holbeach F whitewashed Consti D.
Two games into the season, the result puts Holbeach F at the top of the table, with Consti I in fifth, having played only one match so far.
Jonathan Smith (R21), Rob Savic (R7), Stewart Wells (R21), David Twelves (scr) and Pete Stokes (R7) were the winning Consti team, while Susan Lefley (R28) (twice), David Lefley (R28), Alex Bourne (O21) and Dan Mayfield (O28) took the honours for Holbeach.
Elsewhere in the division, Consti C beat Pyramid E 5-1, while Gosberton C saw the same result at Consti A.
Pyramid won the first frame courtesy of Stephen Thompson (R14) but it was downhill from there as Pat Bowman (R28), Dave Banister (scr), Mick Peet (R28) and Kevin Sweeney (R7) took the next four for Consti.
It was a similar story for Consti A who got off to a good start thanks to Sam Roberts (R21) before losing the next four frames to Andy Shephard (R21), Chris Sibley (R7), Mark Payne (O7) and Rob Lockett (R28).
Whittlesey B beat Donington D 4-2 at home. Wins came from Andy Skutela (R14), Pawel Skutela (R7) and John Skutela (scr) for Whittlesey.
Consti J went down 4-2 away to Boundary B. Consti started well thanks to Nev Vickers (scr) and Les Andrew (scr), but Boundary took the final three frames, with Michael Harrison (O7), Adam Blades (R14) and Wayne Cunnington (R21) the victors.
In Division One, Consti E’s Jack Chilvers (O7) (pictured)was celebrating after knocking in a personal best break of 52 in his win over Services A’s Phil Spencer (O7). Unfortunately the win wasn’t enough to stop Consti losing 4-2 thanks to wins from Martin Spencer (O21), Chris Dunmore (O35) and Jake Haslam (O14).
Holbeach D are at the top of the table following a 5-1 win over Bourne SC B. Paul Boucher (O35), Denis Hix (R7) and Paul Daw (O21) took the first three frames for Holbeach.
Holbeach C also won 5-1 at home to Sutton Bridge.
Holbeach won the first four leaving Shane Balding (O56) to pick up the consolation point for Sutton Bridge.
A 39 break from Thomas Horspool (O42) wasn’t enough to help him to a win over Terry West (R7).
Seb Grimston (O28) got Consti H started with a win over Boundary A’s Pete King (scr), knocking in a 41 break along the way. Mark German (O28) and Adam Mayman (O21) were the other winners for Consti.
Consti G are near the foot of the table, having lost two of two. Martin Deacon (O7) and Darren Woodberry (O49) were the winners but Jordan Philpott (R7), Geoff Hemsil (R28) and Nigel Cherry (O7) got the points to make it a 4-2 win for Services C.
Pyramid C were 4-2 winners away at Donington C.
Spencer Dawkins (O56) knocked in a 43 break on his way to a win over Mat Turner (O21), while Jason Green (O56) beat Mick Pearl (O21) and Dave Pearson got the better of Dan Burt (O42).
Bourne SC A are in second place thanks to a 4-2 win over Holbeach E.
Holbeach won the first two frames courtesy of Chris Back (O56) and Stuart Sullivan (O35) before Bourne took the next three, Mike Byrne (R14), Oli Player (O35) and Carl Gibson (O28) the winners.
Newly-promoted Gosberton D are yet to settle into Division Two with two losses from two games. They went down 4-2 at home to Pyramid A.
Michael Twell (R14), Matthew Chapman (O7) and Dean Cole (O14) took the frames for Pyramid, while Keith Lungley (scr) and Brad Brinkman (O21) won for Gosberton.
Consti B are joint top of the table with two wins from two.
They beat Donington B 5-1 thanks to victories from John Keeton (O7), John Christian (R7) and Martin Fear (O7).
Sharing the top spot with them are Donington A who had a 5-1 win away at Holbeach B.
John George (scr), Kev Hawes (O7), Jim Thompson (O7) and Tony Scully (O35) took the honours.
Whittlesey C went down 5-1 away to Consti F.
Robert Adams (O14), Justyn Stanley (scr), Martyn Stanley (R21) and Warren Peel (scr) got the wins for Consti.
There were 4-2 wins for Pyramid D against Holbeach A, Gosberton A who were playing Pyramid B and Services D who beat Services B.
Results: Division One – Services A 4 Consti E 2, Bourne SC B 1 Holbeach D 5, Donington C 2 Pyramid C 4, Holbeach C 5 Sutton Bridge 1, Holbeach E 2 Bourne SC A 4, Consti G 2 Services C 4, Consti H 4 Boundary A 2.
Division Two – Donington B 1 Consti B 5, Gosberton D 2 Pyramid A 4, Pyramid D 4 Holbeach A 2, Holbeach B 1 Donington A 5, Pyramid B 2 Gosberton A 4, Consti F 5 Whittlesey C 1, Services B 2 Services D 4.
Division Three – Gosberton B 0 Consti I 6, Consti D 0 Holbeach F 6, Pyramid E 1 Consti C 5, Consti A 1 Gosberton C 5, Whittlesey B 4 Donington D 2, Boundary B 4 Consti J 2, Whittlesey A – free week.

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