Lincoln Crown Court

WARREN FREE MURDER TRIAL: Judge will now accept majority verdicts

The jury in the Warren Free murder trial has been told that the judge will now accept majority verdicts.

It comes after the foreman of the jury told Lincoln Crown Court at 2.10pm today (Wednesday) that the six men and six women had failed to reached unanimous verdicts on all charges against all defendants.

The Honourable Justice Goss told the jury: “Please continue your deliberations and strive to reach unanimous verdicts.

“However, should it be the case that in respect of any defendant on any charge you are not able to reach a verdict on which you all agree, the time has come when I will accept a verdict on which at least ten of you agree.

“That is 10-2 or 11-1, nothing less than that will do.”

The six teenaged defendants all deny murdering Mr Free (42), of Coronation Close, on August 29 last year. One boy has admitted perverting the course of justice, another denies the same charge.

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