PCSO Newell and Bobby Bear visit Cowbit St Mary’s Primary School pupils.

Bobby Bear drops in at Cowbit school

Bobby Bear, PCSO Naomi Newell and PCSO Tim Nicholls visited key stage 1 pupils at Cowbit St Mary’s Primary School last week to talk about the police.

PCSO Newell said this included “how we are here to help people and respond to emergencies”.

She added: “We discussed safe strangers and what to do if a child was lost, why we wear hi-vis colours, car seat safety and why children should be on booster seats, and that everyone should wear a seatbelt.”

PCSO Newell was impressed with the children’s interest. “The children were very engaging, asking questions and giving good answers to our discussions,” she said.

“They tried on some police uniforms we then sat together and read a story about the busy police station. Children were encouraged to always say hello when seeing police and that they can talk to us if they are upset or worried about anything.”

The visit ended with a tour of the police car, learning about the lights and sirens with a demonstration.

PCSO Newell said school visits are to let children know police are here to help.

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