Kalvin Laughton (13), Nikola Nesterova (14) and Louie Taylor (14) with the mural they helped design.

Big effort for art project

A mural created by every pupil and staff member at a Spalding school has been unveiled marking 50 years of special education.

Throughout 2021 The Priory has been working on the project to commemorate SEND schooling.

After funding was sourced thanks, to the Mighty Creatives project, pupils themselves came up with ideas for what the artwork should show.

Kalvin Laughton (13), Nikola Nesterova (14) and Louie Taylor (14) designed the mosaic trees to represent the Forest School element with each tree representing the new class names.

A ribbon across the display represents the journey pupils go on, while shining stars will mark pupils who have left and that are a shining example to current pupils.

After Deeping St Nicholas artist Fiona Gurney came up with the final design, all staff and pupils built the mosaic itself using materials specially chosen to heighten senses.

Staff including art teacher Georgina Freeman came in over the summer to finish the design while Dalehead Foods kindly donated the steel frame to erect the artwork.

Those who helped the project come together included members of the Spalding Lions and South Holland Rotary branch as well as Coun Elizabeth Sneath.

Matt Bloodworth-Flatt, Executive Headteacher at The Priory School, said: “The pupils have really enjoyed this project, the staff too!

“We would like to say a huge thank-you to all the people who donated and supported the project, making it possible – The Mighty Creatives, Dalehead Foods, Topps Tiles, Box of Frogs Mosaics, The Rotary Club of Spalding and Welland, Coun Sneath, and The Spalding Lions.

“The unveiling has been wonderful and the mosaic will stand proud for many years to come.”

Artist Fiona Gurney, said: “I absolutely love where the school has positioned the mosaic, just as you come through the school gates it’s the first thing you see.

“The colours are great, really striking, the children’s hard work comes through strongly.

“I really hope it does reflect the ethos of the school and the fun we had making it.”

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