Bid to improve traffic issues

Measures to improve traffic flow in parts of Holbeach are being followed up with issues involving parking along High Street being raised as a particular issue.

It was described as a ‘nightmare’ at the most recent meeting of Holbeach Parish Council.
County councillor Tracey Carter told the meeting she was already working with the highways authority on a solution.
“I’m already having conversations on this with the highways managers, particularly along the area opposite the church on High Street,” she said. “People parking along the Irresistables and Chosen area are causing an issue for lorries and buses to pass when there’s a queue for the lights.”
Measures discussed to make a difference included putting planters in places where parking was most dangerous and approaching South Holland District Council to reopen Boston Road South’s car park.
Coun Isobel Hutchinson, said: “We’re getting more housing in the town centre and there’s nowhere to park.
“They’re parking on the side of the road and then the takeaways are open so people are also parking to pick those up.
“Even if they only reopen half of the car park it could make a difference.”
As previously reported, Holbeach Parish Council has requested that Lincolnshire County Council puts in a pedestrian crossing in Park Road.
The meeting heard the highways authority would have to carry out a survey costing £100,000 in the spring.
In Holbeach St Johns, the parish council is to ask for better signage for Saturday Bridge which serves as the junction of Raven’s Bank and Raven’s Gate.
Coun Peter Sparkes said: “There’s been several accidents there recently. It’s a dangerous spot, 60mph on the road in both directions and people don’t slow down.
“On several occasions cars have ended up in the dyke.
“There was an illuminated sign at one point that worked intermittently and I think it would help if it was reinstated.”

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