Awards dished out after Boston and District AC’s Junior Sportshall series finale

The final match in the 2019/2020 Boston and District AC Junior Sportshall Athletics Series produced some very close competition on Saturday.

Awards were also presented to age group winners at the end of the two-hour programme of track and field events to mark the end of the event.

South Holland athletes featured in the series’ award presentations, which were based on performances achieved in the athletes’ best four performances over the six-match series held between October and March.

Noah Donnelly-Coles was the winner of the under-9 boys’ trophy, while the under-11 awards were awarded to Issy Reid and Jack Clark-Atkins.

Hayden Quantrill was also the convincing winner of the under-13 boys’ gong.

The final match in the series at the B-Hive Indoor Athletics Centre on Saturday was certainly no end of term encounter, as young athletes contested an octathlon with points awarded for performances achieved in eight different track and field disciplines.

Donnelly-Coles won the under-9 boys’ octathlon with a total of 208 points.

His best returns were in the hi-stepper, when a time of 16.0secs earned him 37 points and the two-and-a-half lap run, with 33.2 secs earning 34 points.

In third position in the under-9 girls’ octathlon was Mia Clark-Atkins, who achieved a total of 142 points.

Her best performance came in the speed bounce, when a count of 30 scored 28 points.

Meanwhile, Reid was victorious in the under-11 girls’ combined event as she racked up total of 333 points.

She scored in excess of 40 points in five of her eight individual events, with the most productive being the balance test as a time of 49.44 secs contributed 58 points.

Further points were harvested through vertical jump (42cm for 48 points), speed bounce (44 total for 42 points) and standing triple jump (5.22m for 45 points) giving Reid a comfortable first place.

Scoring more than 40 points in all but one of the eight octathlon, events Jack Clark-Atkins won the under-11 boys’ combined event with 346 points.

He racked up a 48 total in speed bounce to bag 49 points, clocked a time of 14.9secs in the hi-stepper for 46 points and managed a 1.74m clearance in standing long jump for 44 points. Not done there, both standing triple jump (5.52m) and the two-and-a-half run (29.5 secs) contributed a further 43 points to his winning total.

Also on winning form was Quantrill, who scored 372 points to win the under-13 octathlon as he secured more than 50 points in three events.

In balance test, a time of 54.5 secs realised 63 points, while his hi-stepper stopped the clock at 13.7secs for 57 points.

Speed bounce (49 for 51 points) and vertical jump (43cm for 49 points) were his other big scorers.

In winning the under-15 girls’ event, Megan Reid achieved a total of 383 points.

She secured more than 50 points in four individual events, earning 56 for 2.00m in standing long jump, 55 from both Balance Test (46.9secs) and vertical jump (49 cm) and 51 for a count of 49 in speed bounce.

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