Magpas Air Ambulance in flight (2)

Air ambulance attends women in her 70s

An air ambulance landed in Spalding yesterday (May 19) after a women in her 70s fell ill.

The helicopter, which is based in Huntingdon and usually serves the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire area, was seen flying low over the town and landed at 3.50pm.

A MAGPAS spokesman said: “At 3:50pm yesterday afternoon (20th) Magpas Doctor Simon Lewis and Critical Care Paramedic Andy Smith landed in Spalding via the Magpas Air Ambulance. They had been called to treat a woman who was suffering from a medical emergency.

“The Magpas advanced medical team utilised their specialist knowledge and skills to assess the patient (in her 70s).

“The woman was left in the care of an EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew.

“The helicopter crew who flew the Magpas medical team were Pilot Chris Sherriff and technical crew Member Simon Amos.

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