Work on sewer begins again

Repair work has finally begun again on a road that collapsed in Holbeach.

Boston Road South has been closed between Cecil Pywell Avenue and Holbeach Primary Academy since early March after issues with the sewer led to large holes opening up.

Repair work was paused following the lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with Anglian Water saying it was prioritising emergency work, including starting work on a new water main elsewhere in Holbeach.

And it’s led to a number of complaints from those who live along the diversion route including many elderly residents.

Just last week Pat Marshall (80), of Cecil Pywell Avenue, told The Voice: “The traffic down the road is bad. We get all the work traffic, noisy motorbikes and heavy lorries.

“The council has put up a road sign saying no heavy vehicles but they still come down the road. The bungalow shakes every time.

“It’s been closed on Boston Road long before the virus started up and it’s terrible.”

But on Tuesday an Anglian Water spokesman said that work had begun again.

“Friday was the first day of work beginning at Holbeach,” a spokesman said.

“We’ve had to wait for the ground to dry up over the weekend to allow us to start the digging work this week.

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of the dig, I can’t give an accurate timescale just yet but we’re hoping to have it completed as quickly and as safely as possible.”

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