Boston Magistrates Court as seen on Google Streetview

Woman injured after rock was thrown through window

A Spalding teenager who had been asked to leave a house after an evening’s drinking, injured one of the residents after he threw a rock through a window.

Diogo Correia-Carneiro, 19, of Danube Square, admitted damage and assault charges when he appeared before magistrates at Boston.

Prosecuting, Sukhi Singh said that at around 6am on July 12, Correia-Carneiro smashed the exterior window of a house in The Featherworks, Boston after he deliberately threw a rock at it, also injuring one of the occupants with the flying glass.

He said he also pulled up vertical wooden panels from a garden gate after leaving the house, where he had been a visitor to another person living in the house but being asked to leave.

He said he then left the area in a motor vehicle and was later stopped and arrested by the police.

In mitigation, Lloyd Edwards said Correia-Carneiro had been out drinking with friends after which he went round to the house in The Featherworks to see the women at their invitation.

He said Correia-Carneiro did not have a clear recollection of what happened but thought he might have been rude to them.

He said that when Correia-Carneiro left, he threw a rock at a window but had no intention to harm anyone.

He said he was ‘very remorseful’ and that his mother and stepfather were ‘less than impressed’.

The magistrates told him it had been ‘a ridiculous episode’ and his behaviour was ‘not acceptable’.

He was fined £80 on each of the two charges and ordered to pay £125 compensation for the damage he caused and £60 to the woman who had been injured.

He was also ordered to pay £119 in court costs and charges, a total of £464.

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