Harold Payne

VJ Day event for hospital staff

A Fleet Hargate man is putting on an event this weekend to mark Victory in Japan Day and buy Holbeach Hospital staff a Christmas dinner

Harold Payne is welcoming visitors to the Anglia Motel on Saturday and Sunday where a host of vintage vehicles will be on show, including his own tanks such as the 432.

Entrance is free on both days and the event runs from 8am to 8pm.

Harold is looking for donations though to go towards a Christmas meal for Holbeach Hospital staff.

“Hopefully it’s a success,” he said. “It’s one of the first such events in the county since the lockdown as far as I can see.

“We’ve done plenty of health and safety checks and have gone to great lengths to create a one-way system.

“There’s plenty of space too – over five acres of land.

“I just hope people come as we’ll have plenty of attractions and people are welcome to bring their own vintage vehicles.

“As well as the tanks and a host of memorabilia, a few of the World War Two veterans are looking to attend.

“It will be free entry but I’m going to be asking for donations as I want to buy a Christmas dinner to say thank you to all the nurses at Holbeach Hospital.

“It would just be a thank you to them for dedicating their time and lives to looking after local people and they do a fantastic job.”

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