Spectators watch one of the 98 visiting aircraft to the Daffodil Fly-In at Holbeach St John’s.

Vintage aircraft fly in to Holbeach St John’s show

The annual Vintage Aircraft Club ‘Daffodil’ Fly-in, at Fenland Aero Club airfield at Holbeach St John’s saw perfect conditions on Saturday, April 13.

A total of 98 aeroplanes took to the air around the airfield in front of a number of spectators.

The club’s Alastair Goodrum, said: “Pride of place undoubtedly went to the classic twin-engine Beech 18, G-BKGL, flown in from Leicester.

“Built in 1952 it was greatly admired by all, with some of the more fortunate even being given a peek.

“Hot on the heels was a splendid all-black, Lithuanian-registered, Yakolev Yak-18T, a four-seater former Soviet trainer built in 1981.

“I must give a mention to the fly-by of the afternoon by a replica Fokker Dr1 Triplane, resplendent in the blood red colour of the famous ‘Red Baron’ zooming with its guns stuttering as it flashed past the clubhouse.

“It was indeed a memorable vintage day’s flying, with the control tower, ground marshalling and clubhouse catering teams all working flat out to make it a great success.”

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