SAME OLD: FIFA 15 is as impressive as you'd expect it to be.

Video game review: FIFA 15

FIFA 15 (Xbox One) review

In recent years at least, you usually know exactly what you’re going to get from the FIFA series.

FIFA 15 is no different – and if you’ve played FIFA 14, the changes this season are pretty subtle.

Having clocked up plenty of pitch time since Friday’s launch, my experience with EA Sports’ latest offering is a case of ‘same old, same old’. In some cases, that’s a bad thing – but not FIFA.

Having begrudgingly converted from PES to the series a few years back, only this year am I starting to really get it.

I love the fully licensed teams and stadiums, I adore the online leagues and both Ultimate Team and career mode are worryingly addictive.

That was the case in FIFA 14 and it remains the case this year.

What’s new is harder to explain. I’ve noticed that the keepers are a lot better and I’m delighted that the chip through ball isn’t as defence-splitting as it used to be.

Matches also seem to flow faster than last year, but I’ve not decided if that’s a good move yet.

Graphics are obviously much better and the commentary is as detailed as ever – if not a little repetitive (I’m looking at you, Alan Smith).

But that’s nit-picking. As ever, this is THE football game to own this year.

Rating 4.5/5

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