Service with a smile: Audrey Gregory at The 3 Witches Catering vegan and vegetarian stall at Spalding market.

Vegetarian and vegan gap spotted in (Spalding) market

An article in The Voice inspired a businesswoman to start a vegetarian and vegan food stall in Spalding.

Audrey Gregory has worked in catering her whole career but The 3 Witches Catering company’s mobile stall is her first venture on wheels.

The stall, which is on Spalding market on Tuesdays, came about when Audrey read an article about a Spalding couple’s crusade to get businesses to add vegan options to their menus.

Audrey isn’t vegetarian or vegan herself but approaches the business with a holistic view in keeping with the ethical food she serves.

She said all the packaging she uses is sustainable and reusable, and she supports other local traders. “I buy the fresh, in-season vegetables off the vegetable stall on the market and I get my spices from the spice stall,” she said.

The healthy eating aspect of her freshly prepared food is also a vital part of her company’s ethos.

“What you put into your body is so important,” she said. “The food I serve has got to taste good and it’s got to be healthy.”

The menu changes on a weekly basis (“I’d get bored cooking the same things every week,” she said) and the food is prepared to standards designed to be healthy.

“Falafel is traditionally deep fried but mine’s grilled,” she said, of the lighter but just as nice option. On the day we spoke to her, the falafel sold out.

Dessert is also on the menu, with vegan fruit and nut slices and vegan chocolate brownies among the sweet treat ranks.

Audrey said vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike have give the food top praise.

The stall is also available for events and food festivals. Visit for details.

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