TREMENDOUS FIGHT: Pictured (from left) are the Tydd St Giles team – Lyn Exley, Lorraine Gallie, Maria Taylor-Vassall, Julie Perry and Christine Burton.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s famous five come up just short

Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s ladies put in a fine showing at the Annodata Matchplay competition on Sunday – but ultimately came up short.

The five team members played singles matchplay at King’s Lynn Golf Club, with Lyn Exley winning 3&2, Christine Burton winning one up, Julie Perry losing one down, Maria Taylor-Vassall halving and Lorraine Gallie losing 5&4.

As the match was halved number five player Gallie had to play a sudden death match – which she sadly lost after two further holes.

Captain Taylor-Vassall said: “We put up a tremendous fight and I’m very pleased and proud of our performance.”

Men’s section: April Medal: Division One – 1st Ady Rowell 79-10=69 (ocb); 2nd Sean Graves 77-8=69; 3rd Andy Betts 78-8=70.

Division Two – 1st Mark Cooper 84-18=66; 2nd John Nobbs 83-13=70; 3rd Frank Howard 90-18=72.

Division Three – 1st Sam Albutt 86-19=67; 2nd David Barnes 96-24=72; 3rd David Leedle 97-24=73 (ocb).

April Stableford Pairs competition – 1st Terry Pease & Sam Albutt 47pts; 2nd Mark Gostic & Duncan Connabeer with 45pts (ocb); 3rd Rod Drew & Chris Simmonds 45pts; 4th Gary Fitzjohn & Tim Murphy 43pts.

Seniors’ section: Easter Bunny Competition – 1st Nicholas Thorpe 40pts; 2nd Kevin Merrison 39pts, 3rd ocb Ron Colledge 39pts; 4th Paul Jackson 39 pts.

Seniors Stableford Trophy competition: Division One – 1st Michael Flint 37pts; 2nd Ken Parker 34pts; 3rd Stephen Horton 32pts (ocb).

Division Two – 1st Tom Ainsley 41pts; 2nd Brian Newby 36pts; 3rd Lee Smith 34pts.

Division Three – 1st Ian Millett 40pts; 2nd Bob Mann 36pts (ocb); 3rd Toby North 36pts.

Division Four – 1st Paul Kingswood 34pts; 2nd Dennis Boon 31pts; 3rd Colin Page 30pts.

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