Coun Gary Taylor and (right) Coun Howard Johnson with litter they collected on Monday.

Two district councillors investing in improving Spalding riverside

Two Spalding district councillors have identified areas along Spalding’s riverside to improve with their members’ designated budgets.

Coun Gary Taylor (Castle ward) and Coun Howard Johnson (St Mary’s) will spend some of the cash on buying new litter bins, repairing benches and painting a lamppost.

The South Holland district councillors also carried out a litter pick during their walk on Monday morning.

Coun Taylor said: “Spalding’s river is a major asset to our town.  It’s the jewel in our crown and it also needs these improvements and continued maintenance.
“Howard and I are committed to our Pride in South Holland campaign and we believe riverside improvements will make our town more attractive, particularly at early spring when the colourful daffodils and, of course, tulips are coming into bloom.”

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