Fire-walk with me: Taz Thornton with TV star Tanya Bardsley and co-host Adam Hemadou. The snap was taken during their day together filming the ITV show Tanya’s Extreme Therapies.

TV time for Cowbit TEDx Talk motivator

Cowbit motivational speaker and author Taz Thornton is no stranger to cameras, so felt right at home welcoming TV star Tanya Bardsley around to talk about alternative therapies for a new show.

Tanya, best know from Real Housewives of Cheshire, invited Taz on Tanya’s Extreme Therapies after finding out about her skills online.

Taz took Tanya and co-host Adam Hemadou to The Firewalking Academy in Thorney for some fire walking and trying to coax out their power animals.

Taz said: “Filming with the TV crew was a fabulous experience and it was great to work with Tanya and Adam who were really good sports throughout the day.

“I loved guiding them through some of my extreme empowerment activities alongside some of my more spiritual work.

“They all worked so hard and it was great to see the film crew take on the firewalk too after the cameras stopped rolling. Awesome end to an awesome day. I can’t wait for the next TV opportunity.”

Watch the episode by searching Extreme Therapies on ITV Hub.

Taz is working on her third book, More Whispers From the Earth, and co-hosts a weekly radio show. See

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