Towns and villages gridlocked in overturned car traffic chaos

Spalding, Gosberton and Pinchbeck are among the gridlocked areas after a car collided with a van this morning at Surfleet Roundabout – with other road closures adding to drivers’ woes.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said a woman was taken to hospital after the collision.

The spokesman said: “At 7.41am we were informed that a car had overturned at the Surfleet roundabout, between Morrisons and the golf course.

“This was a collision between a car and a van.

“A woman from the car has been taken to hospital.”

An alternative way round, South Drove in Spalding, is also closed due to a burst watermain.

Police said this morning they are due to close the B1165 at Weston Hills to recover a car that went into a dyke this morning,

A motorist said of this morning’s traffic: “This is the worst in 20 years of driving I’ve ever seen it.”

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