Look out for these markers in Holbeach.

Town launches a walking trail

Holbeach Parish Council has put together a walking trail with 15 stops around the town in a bid to encourage people to get out and about this summer.

The trail has been created by members of the Holbeach Action Group to encourage members of the public to walk around the town centre and discover more about the town. The route covers approximately one and a half miles and takes in points of interest which could be historical, nature or art.

There are 15 points in total and each has a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device to give extra you information about that particular point of interest.

Coun Isobel Hutchinson from the Holbeach Action Group added: “The information can also be found on Holbeach Parish Council’s website so that the public can download it before setting off if they prefer.

“A large map in the centre of town shows the route.

“Over the next few months we hope to add more artwork along the route to give people more things to discover and also enhance the town.”

If the route is successful, the action group said it might look to extend it or add a cycle route.

Coun Hutchinson said she hopes the trail gets support from those working with young people, too.

She said: “We also hope that schools will use it to help teach pupils more about the town and encourage them to use our open spaces.”

The trail has been funded by the Holbeach Action Group, district councillor Tracey Carter and sponsorship by local business and will be managed by Holbeach Parish Council.

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