Local Conservatives celebrate on election night in 2015.

Tories need just six more seats to regain district council

The Conservative Party is guaranteed 13 seats in next month’s local election and need to win just six more to regain control of South Holland District Council after the nominated candidates were announced last week.

The District Council election takes place on Thursday, May 2, and sees 69 candidates vying for 37 seats with a party needing 19 seats to control the council.

The Conservatives will run completely unopposed for five seats spread over four wards.

Due to the number of non- Conservative challengers, the party is also guaranteed two seats in the Moulton and Pinchbeck wards as well as one each in the Crowland, Holbeach Town, Long Sutton and Spalding St Paul’s wards.

There’s also a parish council election but only one in South Holland, Pinchbeck ward for Pinchbeck Parish Council, has attracted enough candidates to necessitate a contested election.

Pinchbeck Crossgate Ward is one of five parish council election wards where there were no candidates.
In total for the district council election, the prospective candidates number 35 Conservatives (Con), 20 Independents (Ind), nine Green Party (Green), two Labour, two UKIP and one Liberal Democrat (LD).

The four uncontested wards will be retained by Jo Reynolds for Gedney, Michael Seymour for The Saints and Nick Worth for Holbeach Hurn.

Also standing unelected for the same party are Allan Beal and Paul Redgate in Whaplode and Holbeach St John’s, with Jan Whitbourn instead standing in St John’s ward and Malcolm Chandler one of several candidates stepping down.

The others not to seek re-election are Paul Williams from St Paul’s, Colin Johnson (Con) and Susan Wray (Con) from Donington, Quadring and Gosberton, Graham Dark (Ind) from St John’s and George Aley (Con) from Spalding Monkshouse.

(Candidates in italic currently hold seats.)

Crowland and Deeping St Nicholas (three seats) – Bryan Alcock (Ind); Jim Astill (Con); Angie Harrison (Con); Nigel Harry Pepper (Con); Paul Silvester Przyszlak (Ind).

Donington, Quadring and Gosberton (three seats) – Henry John William Bingham (Ind); Trevor John Hyde (Con); Jane Lesley King (Ind), Ann Elizabeth Savage (Con); Simon Charles Welsh (Ind).

Fleet (one seat) – Peter Ephraim Coupland (Con); Edward George McNally (UKIP).

Holbeach Town (three seats) – Francis Biggadike (Con), Tracey Ann Carter (Con); Geoff Donley (Con); Paul Cayton Foyster (Ind); Graham Thomas Desmond Rudkin (Ind).

Long Sutton (three seats) –Laura Jane Eldridge (Con); Richard Henry King (Con); Andrew Charles Tennant (Ind); Jack Tyrrell (Con); David John Wilkinson (Ind).

Moulton Weston and Cowbit (three seats) – Anthony Casson (Con); Richard Geoffrey Fairman (UKIP); Rodney Grocock (Con); Andrew Robert Woolf (Con).

Pinchbeck and Surfleet Ward (three seats) – James Edward Avery (Con); Terry Moore (Ind); Sally Ann Slade (Con); Elizabeth Jane Sneath (Con).

Spalding Castle (one seat) – Alistair Mark Jonathan Crisp (Green); James Anthony Le Sage (Ind); Gary John Taylor (Con)

Spalding Monkshouse (two seats) – Janet Barnes (Lab); Lee Geoffrey Crisp (Green); Anthony Christopher Cronin (Ind); Helen Jenner (Green); Zoe Emma Lane (Con); Angela Mary Newton (Ind); Rodney Joseph Sadd (Lab)

Spalding St John’s (two seats) – Morgan Nicholas Crisp (Green); Val Gemmell (Ind); Manzur Hassan (Ind); Jack Daniel McLean (Con); Jan Whitbourn (Con); Rustana Zamara (Green).

Spalding St Mary’s (two seats) – Adam Baker (Green); Harry Drury (Con); Gary Andrew Porter (Con); Jonans Sandijs (Green); Robert Carl West (Ind).

Spalding St Paul’s (two seats) – David Ashby (Con); Rob Gibson (Ind); Glynis Pearl Scalese (Con).

Spalding Wygate (two seats) – Martin Christopher Blake (Green); Sheila Mary Bunce (Ind); Roger Gambba-Jones (Con); Christine Lawton (Con); Neil Andrew Oakman (LD); Heather Julie Irene Violett (Green).

Sutton Bridge (two seats) – Sally Anne Beale (Con); Michael David Booth (Ind); Christopher James Thomas Harrison Brewis (Ind); Victoria Hills (Con).

Uncontested seats –

Gedney (one seat) – Jo Reynolds (Con).

The Saints (one seat) – Michael David Seymour (Con).

Holbeach Hurn (one seat) – Nick Worth (Con).

Whaplode and Holbeach St John’s (two seats) – Allan Charles Beale (Con); Paul Alexander Redgate (Con).

Pinchbeck Parish Council candidates – John Frederick Allen; Lynne Andrew; James Edward Avery; Emma Louise Beavis; Andrew Chamberlain; Douglas William Dickens (Ind); Richard Peter Dobbs; Audrey Ann Gregory; David John Houghton; Samantha Jane Jeffery; Terry Moore; Philip Geoffrey Posley; Peter Anthony Ruysen; Richard Oliver Wood.

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