Nigel Brasier.

Top snooker stars help Nigel’s fight to raise awareness for MNDA

A Donington snooker player who suffers from motor-neurone disease says he’s been blown away by some of the sport’s star players backing his efforts to raise awareness of the condition.

Former World Champion and reigning Masters Champion Stuart Bingham is the latest to wear the Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA) logo at the Northern Ireland Open.

It follows Mark King and Mark Allen wearing it on their clothing at the recent English Open thanks to the efforts of Nigel Brasier.

The 51-year-old snooker obsessive has been campaigning and fund raising for the MNDA for years.

Now some of the top players have taken to wearing the logo.

“I was blown away seeing them wear the logo,” Nigel said. “I’m friends with Mark King on Facebook and he said he’d got spare room on his clothes for the English Open.

“I messaged him and thought he’d probably say no, but he didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

“Mark Allen saw it when playing against him and unknown to me, Mark King gave him one for the next round of the Northern Ireland Open.

“He realised just as he was about to go out for the first match that it was too big, so he had to cut it in half and put the logo and words on different parts.

“It was great too to get Stuart involved.

“His wife Michelle’s dad died from MND so we were able to get badges out to him.

“He’s set to wear the logo at the UK Championships too.

“The next step is to get them mentioning it in interviews.”

Nigel himself is desperate to get back playing competitively.

The Spalding and District Snooker League has not reconvened since March and he’s missed out on a scheduled trip to Ireland for the Snooker Disability Championships.

In that competition he reached the quarter-final stage in a tournament in Belgium in March, just before the pandemic hit.

“I’m really missing the competitive side,” he said. “I’ve been able to get back in the pubs and practice, but I miss that edge that playing for something gives you.

“Hopefully we’ll be back soon.”

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